Meet The Crew

Rick & Jocelyn of The Nature Collective

Hey there! We are Rick and Jocelyn, owners, operators, CEOs and janitors of The Nature Collective. Matter of fact, the only operation in The Nature Collective we do not run is security, which you will meet below. Thank you for checking us out and investing time to get to know us! We are a couple of outdoor junkies located in Durango, Colorado. When we are not guiding rafting trips on the Animas River or skiing in the San Juan Mountains, we are thinking of ideas and looking for ways to give back to the outdoor spaces that have given so much to us. That’s where the idea for The Nature Collective came about. We knew we wanted to create a brand that uses its profit for good in the name of conservation. What we realized as we discovered more and more about the garment industry, is that we also wanted to be a part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to responsibly made clothes and gear.

Being just a small "garage run" startup, we currently have one line out, which is The Shirt Project. But our ambitions are much bigger! Our one year goal is to release a full line of functional river garments that don’t just look, feel and function great, but also create a serious change for the environment, fish & wildlife, and humans collectively.


Moon, Office Security

If our insurance company sees this, we’re screwed.


Durango, Colorado

Durango is a small, mountain town tucked away in southwest Colorado, just south of the incredibly beautiful San Juan Mountains. This is where our small business of offering you responsibly made outdoor products and apparel, operates from. The southwest offers access to everything from million year old desert canyons, to alpine lakes, with wildflowers and sand dunes all in-between. We couldn't have asked for a better base-camp to grow our appreciation for the beautiful landscapes our country offers.