Our Mission

Our functional outdoor clothes are built to help river runners, backpackers, and hikers like you, who want pride of ownership by knowing your products were responsibly made, are durable, and give back to the very public lands you recreate on. We do this by removing the business-to-consumer gap the internet has created, and by offering you a fully transparent look into our material sourcing, factory locations, worker standards, and testing.

Our Core Values

Environmentally Responsible: Do no unnecessary harm to the environment. We realize true sustainability - giving back more than you take - is not possible with almost all businesses. But taking less from the environment certainly is possible, and it’s our responsibility to do so.  

Socially Responsible: Our business should help create safe working conditions that help workers thrive, not just survive. Our business should support the communities it operates in, and not be a damaging asset to that community.

Give Back: Use our business to fight for the environment. Each sale receives an Earth Tax, which goes to conservation groups fighting for our wild lands and waterways.

Give The Best: The best for our customers and the best for the environment. Our products should be durable, long lasting, repairable, and recyclable.