In-Depth Guide to Drinking Around the World: Epcot

In-Depth Guide to Drinking Around the World: Epcot

Mexico or Canada, Mexico or Canada, Mexico or Canada. The hardest choice a mid-twenty-something will ever have to make while standing at the Epcot map kiosk, next to a twelve year old asking himself, “Future World East or West, East or West?” Fortunately for the young lad, that will be the last of the decision making he will need to do for the day. The parents will take it from there. The “Mexico or Canada” guy however, well, he’s only begun. This whole day will be no easy task for someone who is turned on by the idea of traditional meal styles mixed with traditional drink styles in traditional settings. (Traditional as in the Hollywood sense. But hey, it’s Disney!) Epcot is Walt's Disney for adults; a rebirth of the magical experience for those who have fallen into the pit of adulthood. And we are going to guide you through every bit of the magic.

The Pre-Party: Future World

If you’re a true party goer, then waking up early won’t affect your performance in the later hours. So this may be the first step for you. What’s that, you’re just here for the drinks? In that case, jump down to World Showcase. But for my marathoners... The front of the park (during normal hours) opens at 9am. This includes Future World East and Future World West, and the middle ground between. The drinks don’t start pouring in World Showcase for another three hours, at 11am. Now, if you actually plan on using this time to get some rides in (hey, you already bought a ticket…why not?) then absolutely reserve a fastpass.

A fastpass can be purchased with any park entrance ticket and you use them by reserving a spot in line through the free Disney app. The difference between doing this and just winging it is the difference between doing one ride in three hours or doing four to five rides. Either way you do it, two rides you want to make sure you don’t miss are Test Track and Mission: Space. This will be your first major decision if you’re not using a fastpass because, odds are, you’ll only have time for one if you plan on being at the World Showcase when it opens.


The Party: World Showcase

Alright. It’s 11am and you’re standing in the Showcase Plaza looking out over the water at all the fun to come. This is the famous spot where perhaps your most difficult decision in all the Disney-going experience is made: Do I start in Canada or Mexico? Let’s back up a bit.

If you’re completely unfamiliar, Epcot’s World Showcase consists of 11 countries circling a big lake. Each country literally showcases its traditional style through architecture, dress, music, and prominent features; and serves traditional meals and drinks famous to that specific country. You won’t find too many rides here; however you’re likely to run into a character or two (i.e. Norway is home to the Frozen gals), and there are plenty of shows, sightseeing, and shopping galore. If you can make it til close at 9pm, you’ll catch a nice firework show over the lake depicting the creation of earth.

We broke this trip down to 10 hours, 11 countries, 11 drinks, and 11 appetizers/small meals. If you get the idea, we had a taste of each country, accompanied by at least one of their famous drinks, and a bit of sight seeing--all just under an hour’s time before moving on to the next. A few things to note here… This method saves a ton of headache trying to find a dinner reservation in the park. It also allows you to keep moving and to see as much as possible, picking up small grab-and-go meals and an occasional order-and-seat-yourself break. Eating a small bit of food every step of the way leaves you feeling satisfied the entire day, thus not requiring a traditional dinner. You will also be spreading out your alcohol consumption, and every drink will be accompanied by a bite to eat, which allows you to walk out of the park after 11 drinks rather than crawl out.

So, now you have the basics of Epcot, let’s get back to that question we have managed to avoid so well all this time. We found ourselves struggling to make a decision until we had a brilliant idea: “Why not do both?” So we did.

We did Mexico first on our initial visit and Canada first a few days later. We did give ourselves a few day buffer so as not to dilute this truly scientific experiment. After heavy consideration, Mexico was the winner and here's why… The countries following Mexico, and including Mexico, all seem to have some not-so-standard beverage choices. Frozen margs and sake, to name a few. The specialty drink choices closer to Mexico are some must haves, whereas on the Canada side, they’re still great but not must haves. It seems to be the smarter decision to lead with the whacky, must have specialty drinks rather than end with them following a day of beer and wine.  

So here you are, ready to begin. The following is a list of countries in the order you pass through them. All come with a description of everything they have to offer (without spoiling too much for the first timer) and plenty of photos. When trying to find our own guide before we set off to drink around the world, we struggled to find one with detail or one that went beyond a food and drink suggestion list. Our goal with this guide is to offer the most detailed description of each country. We do it, of course, with our personal touch and honest opinion. If you're looking for more of a quick food, drink, and activity list for each country, check this out. Our total cost of the trip is at the bottom. I do not suggest doing this twice in one week for financial purposes.



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